Winds of Wisdom Leveling Challenge

Per this article on the primary World of Warcraft Website, we will gain a leveling buff that increases our experience by 50% for all characters between levels 10-59. This leveling buff will likely only be around for 2 weeks but should give those savvy and quick enough plenty of time to hit level 60.

We thought we would have some fun with a leveling contest.

To be eligible, you must have a brand new character, no higher than level 10. Use the World of Warcraft Random Character Selector to create your character.

  • Link the character armory in discord so we know which toon you will be leveling.
  • The lvl 10 achievement must not occur before 7/19
  • No allied races, DH or DK allowed. You have to start at lvl 1
  • Once you reach lvl 60 link in discord. We will verify the achievement

The first character to level 60 will receive a wow token for one month of game time!



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