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We are saddened in recent times that the Covid19 Virus pandemic has meant the cancellation of major gaming events around the world including Blizzcon 2020. This is where we usually run our annual meet up with members from all around the world. But nonetheless, we will pull through this together and when we meet again the reunion will be glorious.

Having said that though, it does not mean we cannot socialise in other ways, either virtually via ZOOM or for countries that have come out of lockdown Isolation we encourage you to hold get-togethers with your fellow gamers in your neck of the woods.

Soon we will post these events to this page so stay tuned and be sure to sign up to stay in the loop.

Best Games

Let's continue to virtually socialise via the one thing that brings us together...our fav games!


We are here to support you anyway we can, we are not only a social club but Club Titos is one BIG supportive family.

If you would like to hold an event whether it be drinks, BBQ, day out or dinner be sure to get in touch so we can post details.


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