Welcome Back Club Tito’s! A Word from our Founder

G’day mates.

Long time no see!

I’ve had the idea to get a bit of an update on Club Titos out for a while now but I severely underestimated the difficulties that trying to write something logical and heartfelt while combined with not being a great man of literature skills either, would present.

Nevertheless, here we are.

I never thought for two seconds this would be as awkward as it seems to be. What do you say to someone you haven’t seen in person in 3 years? What do you say to the friends you haven’t met yet? What do you try to say to those that won’t be there to hear the words?

What do you even open with?

Hey? Wassup? Bumblebaytuna, your balls are showing? (Sorry, only very few people will get that reference.) A series of untimely sighs and nothing but a small chirping noise because you’re not words good?

Let’s just bullshit our way through this, as is the way here at Club Titos.

I hope you are well!

I hope you’re as happy as you can be in your situation and making the most of each day as it comes. I hope the past few years haven’t taken too much of a toll on you as it has so many.


For a time there I honestly never thought I’d get to say those words. Not that we ever left, but we definitely ramped down a bit with a lack of cons and traveling over the last few years.

Now things are slowly firing back up and the world for once is beginning to un-fuck itself at a not quite snail’s pace, there is yet again hope that we can all once again unite and see each other in person.

I feel like the next Blizzcon is going to be spectacular in so many ways. The return of everyone’s beloved Con, the return of something normal that we can all count on, the desperately needed soul recharge for so many of us, and that one time of year and one place where we can truly be whoever it is that we really are. Not saying that anyone lives in a false shadow, but it sure is nice to relax and just be amongst your people.

It will be an amazing con, I no doubt, but I have also begun planning for extra time on the ground.

We have a lot of people to catch up with and a hell of a lot to celebrate be it our reuniting or the many milestones that we have had come and go in the last 3 years that we have been unable to share in person.

As an example of some of the things, we have missed………

  • 3 doctorates have been earnt
  • 5 Club Titos weddings
  • 4 engagements of Club Titos members
  • New houses have been bought or built
  • New supervillain lairs have been built in basements of houses too!
  • People have moved across county or in some cases different countries
  • 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th birthdays
  • 10 and 25th wedding anniversaries
  • Our member’s kids have started school, university, and college
  • Dream jobs have been landed in industries of choice
  • People have discovered their true selves and dropped their now-dead names.
  • People have overcome health issues, be they physical or mental
  • Promotions have been won, as have several scholarships.

Some truly inspirational achievements have been reached.

Sadly there are not all great milestones though and I would be severally amiss if I didn’t also mention the 4 friends from the community at large that are no longer with us.

I guess that’s the larger part that drove this little update.

A conversation with someone in discord recently and the realization that we won’t ever see these particular people at the cons anymore.

I had no idea when I said goodbye in 2019 that it was going to be forever.

Not quite enough to drive me back to church on a Sunday morning but I’ve shed more than enough tears over this. It really blindsided me how important each and every member of this community are to me and how much I didn’t really know to what extent I miss seeing you all in person.

It really hits home the importance of our gatherings and our community. How valuable our time is when we are together and the genuine friendships and family-ships that have been built through it.

Treasure each other and take great happiness in each story, memory, conversation, hug, experience, shared meal, laugh, near-death experience, or unanimous bullshitting to complete strangers about confusingly real E-sports teams that don’t exist in other countries.

I want you to know as I said earlier. WE ARE BACK BABY!

The discord is always going to be there, the website we will hopefully start to use a bit more moving forward, but start planning folks because I know the leadership team from Titos are.

We have a few cheeky surprises coming up in the lead-up to Blizzcon,

Be it in the vein of collaborations, events, merchandise, or even just the simple stuff like our video group calls.

Once we get more news on the next Blizzcon we will really see things ramp up, so just keep in mind why we are here.

We are all fucking awesome, we are odd in our right, we are nerds at the happiest level but mostly, we are all here for each other!

There will be plenty of hype in FB groups etc. please feel free to help us get the name out there, especially in regards to 1st timer Blizzcon goers, obtaining tickets, and the Club Titos safety net at the con itself.

More about that stuff later though.

For now, sit back and relax.

Chuck a photo of your pet axolotl in the discord, grab some foodspiration from Pandas pantry, get some new jokes from the memes channel and peruse the general banter that goes on in there.

If you’re struggling, reach out, if you’re doing awesome let us know so we can help celebrate the awesomeness.

If you have questions, you know where to find me.

I figure if you’re still with me after reading that wall of text, then I owe a respectful sip (because we don’t do shots here!) at our next meet.

Take care, make good choices, and don’t be a Kent.

Love and kisses



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