Gather around the campfire kids, It’s time for a story with Uncle Hugebloke,
settle in and get comfy and learn the history of this great place.

Back in 2015, while enjoying the festivities of the Hilton lobby as part of Blizzcon I came the realization that the place was just too expensive for my cheap ass to keep drinking.
I gathered the troops and made way to our room on the 8th floor and as we wobbled our way down that corridor, a random stuck his head out of a room and gifted me an unopened bottle of Tito’s Handmade vodka because he wouldn’t be able to drink it as his wife had summoned him home.

This generous superstar had no idea of the legacy that he had just bestowed upon us.

I took this gift back to the room and cracked it. After a few shots between friends, we hit the party floor in the lobby.
Being well lubricated and not one to keep a good thing hidden, we invited new friends back for the next few rounds at what became known as “Club Titos”.
The Legacy was thus born, New Friends and Old bonding and laughing over shots and cocktails mixed with one of the finest vodkas available.
Night by night the crew grew in numbers as more new people were introduced and even more new friends were made.
Invites were made to sound more formal though the days to welcome people, “Join us for cocktails on the pool deck after 5?”.

The family had grown.

Come forward to Blizzcon 2016 and naturally, Club Titos opened the second I checked in at the hotel.
With my ritual visit back to CVS to pick up supplies and say hi to the staff member known as “Old Lady Carol” who I got to know so well from buying so much Titos, the good times were set to boogie once more.
With numbers swelling once more, we tipped over 30 folks joining us for “Cocktails on the Pool deck”
As tradition dictates a new legacy was born from this group of Club Titos goers.
Some of the crew were sporting their swank as fuck Horde Pit shirts, On our way into one of the parties, we realized we had a spare ticket. I found a random bloke in the line who was by himself and told him to roll with us instead of waiting for 2 hours to get in. While we hung out and chatting he noticed the Horde shirts that we were wearing and asked me if we were an e-sports team or something.
In the somewhat Titos infused lubricated state, I was in I told him we were an upcoming Overwatch team. Realizing I was wearing a Horde shirt I quickly added we were called “Team Horde Overwatch” and we used to do PVP but now we doing Overwatch comp. I don’t think he was entirely convinced so we took it a step further and introduced him to one of the new Club Titos members who quickly and superbly assumed the role of Team Manager. This guy was sold 100% by this and was so thankful for helping him out that he bought the “Team” around of whatever we wanted, bid farewell before trundling off on his adventures.
Turned out that dude was pretty cool and we sort of felt a little bad about so it was in his honor we assumed our imaginary team and actually formed one.
While we aren’t reaching and pro level comps just yet, we sure as fuck have a blast playing together on daily basis.

So there you have it.
It’s a random story of unassuming characters banding together over Titos and randomness.
Bought together from all over the world for Blizzcon, we have organically grown into a community of our own. It’s a safe space where we can just be ourselves, laugh, trade jokes or music tastes, play games together, get some life advice, plan adventures and ultimately just hang out.

Club Titos is based on the idea that life is for living and laughing.
So don’t just stand there, come say




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