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You might be wondering what in the world is Club Titos....well to put it simply, we are a social group primarily brought together by the amazing world of gaming.
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We are a diverse group of gamers with members located across the globe in Australia, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States and likely some other locations that we’re not yet aware of! Chances are, we have a member located somewhere near you. 

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Life After Twitch: Which Addon Managers are the Best for World of Warcraft?
As many have heard, the Twitch Client addon manager is going to be closing November 17, 2020. Twitch has sold the addon manager portion of their business to Overwolf and as a result, Overwolf has taken over and is releasing their version of the addon manager on October 20. By default, World of Warcraft addons...
Club Tito’s: The Parting Glass Podcast
The Parting Glass is back… now in VIDEO form! In this, our 1st VLOG episode, we talk about the fallout of Saralyn Smiths BlizzCon announcement on Twitter, the ongoing global bas*ard, how it’s effected us in Club Tito’s, BlizzCon’s past and future
Surviving in a Post Shadowlands Pre-Patch World of Warcraft
The long anticipated Shadowlands Pre-patch drops tomorrow, October 13, 2020 and with that come many changes. The biggest of this is that Blizzard has applied a HUGE squish, dropping the max level from 120 to 50. Here’s the low down. The Squish While the max level has changed, so have all associated stats and item...
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We would like to get more involved in supporting our fellow gamers so if you have a project you would like us to get involved in get in touch.

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