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Welcome to Club Titos! We are home to gamers and nerds from across the world
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Isolation getting to you? join us on discord for friendly banter...we're only one click away!
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Going to a con on your own can be daunting, not to worry we got you! See what events are coming up in your area.
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You might be wondering what in the world is Club Titos....well to put it simply, we are a social group primarily brought together by the amazing world of gaming.
Where We Are

We are a diverse group of gamers with members located across the globe in Australia, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States and likely some other locations that we’re not yet aware of! Chances are, we have a member located somewhere near you. 

Blog & News
Winds of Wisdom Leveling Challenge
Per this article on the primary World of Warcraft Website, we will gain a leveling buff that increases our experience by 50% for all characters between levels 10-59. This leveling buff will likely only be around for 2 weeks but should give those savvy and quick enough plenty of time to hit level 60. We...
World of Warcraft Cross-Faction Events Group
Now that we have cross-faction grouping available in-game, there’s no reason we can’t group together and have a good time! No need for server transfers, faction transfers, or any of that other nonsense. Time to hang out with your Tito’s brethren on whichever character you love to play! If you are interested in signing up...
Secret Santa Gift Exchange 2020 Hosted by Club Tito’s
While 2020 hasn’t been the year anyone hoped for, we can still end the year with a bang and a bit of cheer. Club Tito’s is hosting a Secret Santa Gift Exchange via Elfster. To participate please visit the following link to sign up. The signups are open from today, November 9, 2020, till November...
Our Plans & Projects
We would like to get more involved in supporting our fellow gamers so if you have a project you would like us to get involved in get in touch.

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